TechForm Manufacturing is a contract metal stamping company that was born through its parent company, Tombigbee Tooling Inc. (TTI). Tombigbee Tooling Inc. (TTI) is a Tool and Die shop that has been serving the metal stamping industry since 1988. Our customers at TTI have asked for the service of "production runs" off new or repaired tooling to help expedite their inventory of parts that are produced on the tooling.

We serve customers in the following industries: appliance, commercial lighting, automotive, HVAC, office products, metal buildings, furniture components, general contract stampers and also University Research - Our Company is proud to aid in both public and privately funded Research. Over the years, we have partnered with Mississippi State University, Predictive Design, University of Arizona, and others, to do our part in advancing the technology that drives the industries we serve.

TechForm will now offer that service for all customers! TechForm is a medium to long run stamper that has a "Class A" tool and die shop in its back yard, literally!! TechForm is wanting to show you the customer, that we are dedicated to stamping the best parts in the industry! We have over 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and production areas to fulfill your needs. Send us a message and let us show you what we can do to serve you!

Whether you need a stamper to fulfill your daily production needs or 10,000 parts ran to get you out of a jam. TechForm is here to help.